Chavez To Lay Hold of Healthcare

July 4, 2007

Socialized medicine coming to Venezuela – Michael Moroons prepare champagne. Stay tuned, as in the next few days I will post more revealing photos of the wonders of ‘free and universal healthcare’.

UPDATE: The maverick independent librarian and photoreporter who’s risking jail for taking these pictures, has written a good piece entitled “What achievements in the health care?”. He describes in just a few lines Cuba’s disastrous system and states: “That’s why, whenever I hear someone praising healthcare in this country, I can’t help but taking pictures of the reality and see the extent of disaster”. I’m sorry that it’s in Spanish. Warning: eye-opening content. Don’t click if you can’t come to terms with reality.

UPDATE II: Our friend Darsi Ferrer from Havana emailed a story entitled: “The myth of the Cuban healthcare system”. Darsi is a doctor himself, even though now he is unemployed after being fired for his human rights activism. Like his collegue mentioned above, he describes many aspects of the subject we’re talking about. Go read his piece in English: DEBUNKING THE MYTHICAL ADVANCES OF THE CUBAN HEALTH SYSTEM. Click here to see 19 photos he emailed us along with the article. If you want to contact him and be added to his mailing list, please email me.

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June 28, 2007

El golpista Chávez consolidates his thuggish oligarchy: Chavez seen wanting office “for life. 4 hours a week of Marxism now mandatory for workers in Venezuela. In the meantime, Telemundo caught Chávez’s defense minister masturbating in this videoclip (Warning: graphic content).


June 25, 2007

El golpista, Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez calls for war with the United States and counts on his pals in Havana, Managua, Tehran, Tripoli, La Paz, Tora Bora..

El ‘presidente’ golpista venezolano Hugo Chávez amenaza a los Estados Unidos con desatar una guerra de ‘resistencia’.