I am aware of the fact that many of you are waiting long before the whole blog’s page load. Yes, it takes a bit before it loas entirely.  It is due to, among the others , huge traffic (I am having 500 visitors per day circa), many big-sized pictures and long posts.

Thus, I am dividing long posts into two separate posts, each with a title. I am reducing the size of the photos, so that it compensates the number of them. I think that will help reduce the time the blog takes to load.

As far as the number of visitors is concerned, well, let me moderately take pride of the fact that this blog is facing a rise in it.



Dear readers,

from today on, there are new rules for comments. For security reasons, Word Press recommends the comment author to fill out name and e-mail in the comment box. This rule was already in place and nobody seems to have complained. The new rules are the following:

  • The administrator (in this case, me) must always approve the comment before it is posted.
  • I will receive an email whenever anyone posts a comment
  • I will receive an email whenever a comment is held for moderation
  • Comment moderation: A comment is held in the queue if it contains 2 links or hyperlinks

These are simple but necessary rules to prevent an unprecedented wave of spam comments in my blog. If anyone of you didn’t see his/her comment posted, it may be because it has accidentally ended up in the Aksimet Spam box. In this case, if your email didn’t contain spam, just let me know.

I hope you do have patience, because spammers are an online enemy that forces us to take these measures. Don’t be discouraged to comment. I will approve your comment (unless it contains personal insults and offenses and/or threats) as soon as I receive the notification email.

This post doesn’t allow comments, as it will be archived in the “Statements and Notes” section. As for all the others, comments are free but the rules are the above.

Thanks for your understanding. Spam is the cancer of the web.

4 Responses to Notes

  1. It is evident that Pelosi’s trip to Syria damage American foreign policy.

  2. New evidence indicate that te surge in Iraq works.

  3. Democracy will take time to flourish in the Middle East.

  4. The Western Democracies need to assist the United States in the process of Democratization in the Middle East.

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