May the 1st, Moonbats Strike Again

They may no longer sit in the Italian Parliament, but communists still exist in Italy and they don’t lose any occasion to show their hatred and contempt to civilization and democratic values represented by the very same US and Israel whose flags they’re burning.

Below are just a few of the sad images of lefto-fascists and members of the so-called “Free Palestine Association”, doing their usual dirty work. This time, they were in Turin, where the Book Fair is being held and the honor guest this year is Israel. Moonbats and Islamists called to ‘boycott’ the fair because of that.

3 Responses to May the 1st, Moonbats Strike Again

  1. Matt says:

    I “like” how they even dressed for the part, wearing garb similar to PLO personnel.

  2. Where were ye brave moonbats when the brave citizens of Verona closed down the mosque and renamed the rubble after Oriana Fallaci?

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