New Songs for Cuba’s Freedom

June 19, 2008

Cuban-American singer Willy Chirino’s new songs for the freedom of Cuba, from his new album “Pa’Lante”.

Que Se Vaya Ya

Trece de Julio (El Mar nos Une)

‘Reforms’ in Cuba UPDATE: Videos

April 21, 2008

A group of Ladies in White were marching peacefully, bringing flowers in their hands, when they were forcefully dragged and beaten by “reformist” Raul Castro’s mobs.

H/T: Babalù.com

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Raul ‘Reforms’: Cell Phones for Everyone..Who Has Enough Money

April 1, 2008

Newly-selected dictator Raul Castro is mobilizing his propaganda machine with the help of Western media, to let everyone know that now on cellular phones will be available to everyong who can afford to pay $260.00 to buy one.. that is, the 1.5% of Cubans who don’t earn a monthly $10 income. Because the 98,6% do. And can’t afford a pair of new shoes either.

(h/t: Babalù)

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La chiesa a 90 gradi

February 28, 2008

di Joel Rodriguez, esiliato cubano in Italia, membro dell’associazione Cuba Libera.

Ho aspettato il ritorno di Bertone in Italia prima di rispondere alle sue
affermazione sull’embargo al regime (a questo punto dei Castro), ho
aspettato per vedere se queste banali affermazione sarebbero il risultato
della visita del Cardinale a Cuba.

Bene si, solo questo ha fato Bertone, la genuflessione totale da parte della
chiesa cattolica di fronte al criminale e dispotico regime cubano, potrei
affermare che la chiesa e arrivata a mettersi a 90 gradi, tanto per
continuare con tutti gli scandali che ogni anno sconvolgono questa.

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Vatican Hearts Raul

February 27, 2008

Yesterday Hitler, today Raul Castro.

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Fidel Castro’s Gone. Now Must his Regime in its Entirety

February 20, 2008

The entire communist system must brought to an end. Let’s avoid Cuba to become another China. There’s little to celebrate in Castro’s departure while his communist system is still in place.

We do not agree with a transfer of power. The Cuban people urgently need a peaceful transition to democracyCOUNCIL OF HUMAN RIGHTS RAPPORTEURS IN CUBA

the resignation of Fidel Castro is the replacement of one dictator with another and does not signify any real democratic change for CubaCuban Democratic Directorate

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Take a Few Minutes to Laugh

February 17, 2008

Cuba rejects “the violation of human rights, unjust incarceration of prisoners held there without charges, and their appearance in courts without guarantees and in which they are convicted in advance” . Felipe Pérez Roque, Foreign Minister of the Castro’s regime, notorious for respecting human rights, didn’t you know?

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