Pledges Not Made, Fairness Not Met

March 4, 2008

Barry Rubin: Pledges Not Made, Fairness Not Met

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NYT Shills for “Former” Islamist

February 17, 2008

Ebrahim Yazdi played an active role in helping Khomeini take over Iran and wage war on America. The following is an important note by Iranian secularist democratic movement SMCCDI in response to this article from the New York Times.

SMCCDI Note: Ebrahim Yazdi is despised by most Iranians, except by his few ignorant and “optimistic” new Islamist colleagues, who think that Islamism can be matched with Democracy. Indeed, Yazdi and his gang are considered, by an absolute majority of Iranians, as a kind of more illuminated-backwarded Islamist who helped the coming of cataclysm in Iran back in 1979, and that still try to save their face somehow.

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Not Even Pretending to be Fair

February 4, 2008

Barry Rubin: The New York Times On Gaza

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Two More from Barry Rubin

November 6, 2007

November 1, 2007: The Media Comedy Club . November 3, 2007: Enough of “Enough”

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Media Coddle Rafsanjani

October 25, 2007

MSM is at it again; this time, as PR agents for another notorious mass murderer. Him who masterminded the killing of Iranian dissidents in Europe, as well as dozens of hundreds of public executions, random killings of students, and so on.

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Notes on Media Coverage of Israel

October 14, 2007

Barry Rubin: Selective Bias

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Musings on Media Coverage

September 16, 2007

Another, excellent article from Barry Rubin, sent to us via e-mail: Musings on Media Coverage

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Reuters Even More “Al”

August 1, 2007

In an effort to appease Arab regimes and placate Pan-Arabists, British wire service Al-Reuters uses the false name of “Arab Gulf” instead of the universally-recognized “Persian Gulf”. Today, the Mullahs in Iran have one more pretext to fuel conspiracy theories.

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The Los Angeles Times And Its Naivete of Bias

July 28, 2007

Emailed by prof. Barry Rubin.

What is really amazing about something like this Los Angeles Times editorial (see below) is that those writing it don’t have the least consciousness of the fact that in Arab and Palestinian media, books, politics, etc., there is not the slightest acknowledgement to anything Israelis and Jews say, feel, or have experienced is acknowledged in any way. In other words, they and others demand that Israel be completely balanced–and criticize anything that appears not to be–while not demanding anything of the other side. I might add that I am not opposed to a passage being put in Israeli textbooks saying that the Arabs consider the creation of Israel a disaster for themselves.

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AFP Shills for Palestinian Separatism

July 21, 2007

A What-Bias Alert. Jerusalem is the historical and eternal capital of Israel. But AFP (Agence For Palestinians) says it is “occupied territory”, thus legitimazing Palestinian separatist claims on the city.

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BBC Welcomes Anti-Semitism

July 17, 2007

The BBC is refusing to delete an anti-semitic message wrote by an unknown individual on their message board. However, anti-radical Islam comments are forbidden. Amazing.

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June 18, 2007

Palestinians pick up what they sowed. Welcome to the Islamist state of Hamas . The Palestinians, a death cult, violent and war-mongering society, could just realize how wrong they were when they murdered Jews to force Israel out of Gaza. And they could start asking Israel to return. On the one side, Israel’s Olmert administration caved in and left Gaza, ignoring the consequences for Israel and the region as a whole. Its far from being a victory for Israel; Gaza is going to be an Al-Qaeda state. Israel should have never handed over Gaza to the Palestinians. The int.l community is desperately looking for a solution. Theirs are crocodile tears. After all, it’s them who pressed Israel to leave the place. Now what? Hard to say. It’s a civil war, but the world community would do good not to send in the ‘peacekeepers’. Let the Palestinians slaughter each other. Yes, that’s what they do best. That’s their raison d’etre. Don’t send our men in uniform to risk their life to save who loves death over life and war over peaceful coexistance. Also, as Magdi Allam says, this situation proves that there will never be a Palestinian state. Because it’s the Palestinians themselves who never wanted it. All they want is the destruction of Israel. And let me say something: I fear for Israel. I fear for her, because I feel as if they are committing suicide. An Islamist state at her doors will only speed up her destruction. Unless Israel elects credible leaders with guts, its end is inevitable. I pray for Israel and for it to wake up sooner than later. You can’t make peace or concessions, let alone talk with who wants to destroy you. You have to act. Wake up, Israel, pls. Re-occupy Gaza. Use your military might. Destroy Hamas, Fatah and the Islamic Jihad. Plug your ears in order not to hear the international community that led to this situation. Enter Gaza to stay. But don’t do it for the Palestinians. Do it for your survival. And to the world: don’t send in men to die for a death cult society. Rather, send them where they’re urgently needed: Darfur. Because there is where people cannot wait too long.

Opinion Journal: Arafat’s Children

Crocodile tears: ‘Things were better when Israel ruled Gaza’. Gaza resident speaks out against factional fighting, says situation in Gaza was better when Israel was in charge

Amil Imani: Israel: It’s Payback Time

Magdi Allam: Stato palestinese addio

BBC sorry for recognizing Jerusalem as the historical capital of Israel.

Under the feet of UNIFIL. So much for the credibility of the much-praised ‘world body’: Hezbollah ‘has stockpiled rockets’ on Israeli border

And again: Anti-Syrian occupation Lebanese MP assassinated

Lebanese columnist: Standing Up to Killers – Syria Must Answer for Its Murders in Lebanon

Fermiamo gli orchi. Fermiamo (e puniamo i pedofili). Diciamo NO al “Boy Love Day” . NO ALLA PEDOFILIA! Difendiamo i bambini ed i minori! Firma la petizione.

This just in, even though it comes as no surprise: Palestinian Authority (leaded by the ‘moderate’ Abu Mazen) paying Schalit captors’ families

Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic: What is at risk is not the climate but freedom

Video: Dennis Miller goes nuclear on Harry Reid. Michelle Malkin’s First Annual Open Border Oscars. Mark Steyn: ‘Undocumented Americans’ (h/t: no2liberals).

Next time, be more cautious when you celebrate the victory of a ‘right-winger’ in non-Anglosaxon Europe, as you could be upset. Me, I am not, because I already knew nothing would really change after all. France calls on EU to fund Hamas regime . Sarkozy invites Hizbullah to France

Magdi Allam: Una manifestazione per i cristiani in Oriente perseguitati. Uccisioni, fughe, conversioni forzate: la fine della tolleranza religiosa nei Paesi islamici

This won’t calm down the ‘anti-war’ crowd.

The enemy within.

Amil Imani: Terrorists’ Bill of Rights

The United Nations are a nonsense. Cuba and Belarus set to escape UN rights scrutiny

From Freedom Works: Support a Free and Open Internet!

Reagan’s prophetic Berlin speech, 20 years later. To remember, here is the full transcript of that historic speech.

Ex-U.N. official convicted in fraud

In Saudi Arabia, a view from behind the veil. As a woman in the male-dominated kingdom, [Los Angeles] Times reporter Megan Stack quietly fumed beneath her abaya. Even beyond its borders, her experience taints her perception of the sexes.

Genocide denying and Sudan apologist article by someone who most probably has never been in Darfur. My advise to the writer: this may teach you a thing or two.

British Court Finds Muslim Father Guilty of Murdering Daughter in ‘Honor Killing’

Transcript: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Fox News Sunday.

Freedom of expression deteriorating in Zapatero’s Spain: Journalist from Libertad Digital menaced and insulted for asking about Cuba

Tens of thousands condemn North Korea’s regime, wave US flags in Seoul.

Statue honors victims of communism. I’m proud to remind you all that the statue is a replica of the Goddess of Democracy, whose symbol has been chosen as logo for this blog.

Another war criminal convicted: Croat Serb convicted of atrocities

Yes, but the damage has already been done

An open letter to the G8 from the best-selling author and prominent critic of the Putin regime: Yelena Tregubova: Why I fled Putin’s Russia. And why the West must appease him no longer

Just wondering: Why Is the U.S. Ignoring Taiwan?

Jailed Chinese Reporter Joins Yahoo Suit

Dargozasht bastanshenaas barjeste va yeki az behtarin yaraan Iranzamin

Como en la Cuba de Fidel, en Venezuela faltan alimentos. Y no hay ‘bloqueo’. Es que es un sistema fracasado.


June 7, 2007

My article at Human Events: Sarkozy Cannot Save France . An op-ed in the Opinion Journal reitered a similar concept as mine: The Old World needs an intellectual revolution to meet the challenges ahead. And following in his predecessor’s footsteps, Sarkozy pushes the Eurabian project.

The clownish Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema (a ‘former’ communist party member) paid a visit to his friends in Syria to reassure them that they can go away with their crimes in Lebanon and tells us again that Assad is a man of peace we can trust..Not only, he also affirmed that ‘Hamas and Hezbollah helped keep the Italian troops in south Lebanon safe’. No comment needed.

Antarinejad called for genocide against Jews – again.

California Assembly Passes Historic Iran Divestment Bill

Iranians Opposed to the Regime Applaud California on Iran Divestment Bill

Osama’s House of Horrors. The mainstream media stays mute on a recently discovered Al-Qaeda torture manual

U.S. battles Islamic Jihadists in Somalia

Historian Finds Proof of Arab Armies’ Intent to Destroy Israel

Newt Gingrich: Towards a 21st Century Governing Majority

Fleeing Palestinian terror rockets. Photo Feature: Sderot Refugees in Tel Aviv Tent City .The faces of the children speak volumes about their desire for a normal life.

‘The road to peace passes through Damasco’, said Nancy Pelosi. Jihadists moving into Lebanon from Syria

Magdi Allam: Guerra santa per via legale

Bizarre headline of the day

Mass Grave Containing Thousands of Jews Killed by Nazis Found in Ukraine

David Warren: Lebanon Again

Michael Young: Syria’s useful idiots: Westerners who deny the obvious about Lebanon

A must-read for all those who favor Turkey’s entry in Europe: Turkey’s leaders plan Muslim Europe

From no2liberals’ Nuke’s News and Views blog: Infidelophobia…In The Words Of The Koran!

Polish Girl’s Holocaust Diary Unveiled

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: To submit to the book is to exist in their hell

Nicaraguan thug Daniel Ortega is going to visit his friends the Mullahs in Iran, aboard a jet on loan from his pal Moammar Gaddafi (the man of the many spellings).

Deborah Fait: Cecità morale. Quando riguardano Israele i giudizi sono sempre al vetriolo e affetti da cecità morale, le condanne piovono senza pietà e senza il minimo imbarazzo. Israele arresta una trentina di capi terroristi di hamas e D’alema che fa? Perbacco interviene immediatamente definendo l’arresto «un atto molto preoccupante che non contribuisce a rilanciare le condizioni di dialogo»

Enviado por Martha Beatriz Roque via e-mail: Fotos actividad 20 de mayo en Camagüey en la calle


May 26, 2007

The Olmert administration seems to have realized that the Palestinian Authority is made up with blood-thirsty thugs and as such they are legitimate targets: IDF arrests Hamas education minister

Salim Mansur: Fifty-Nine Years of Hate. Arabs still deny Israel’s right to exist

Investors’ Business Daily: And Now, Al-Qaida In Lebanon

Fight on, Lebanon. “Fatah al-Islam” wages Syria’s war by proxy

Lebanon Fights Al-Qaeda. Our allies need the support of their freedom-loving friends

Business as usual at Amnesty International

Sderot: Still Under Fire. Israelis continue to suffer as a woman loses her life to a Qassam missile

People of Sderot, I am with you. Sderot residents call for action in Gaza. Poll reveals 71 percent of Sderot residents want military action in Gaza Strip, even if it means increased Qassam attacks; 94 percent blame government for poor security situation. A woman was killed by a rocket and Israel did its duty by fighting back and targetting Qassam cells. According to the Italian FM, Israel should simply sit back and stand idly by while the Nazis massacre the Jews. Here’s a short videoclip showing a Qassam rocket falling right next to a Sderot gas station.

The Olmert government does a right thing and a wrong one.

United – with anti-semites – Nations Watch: Jewish NGO denied U.N. status

Fred Thompson on sex trafficking and United Nations.

No, I am not surprised: ‘Soviets engineered Six Day War’

Muslim cabdrivers refusing blind passengers in Australia. But now they may face fines.

No suprise at all here: Jihadis aspire to ‘conquer France’

He he he he… Ha ha ha ha..

Olivier Guitta: Al Qaeda’s new strategy

Rosie O’Donnell without make-up (h/t: no2liberals)

Torture according to GITMO detainees. The Islamic Fascists and Assassins detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are seething and whining over horrific tortures they are going through..: being forced to read a newsletter full of ‘crap,’ being forced to use unscented deodorant and shampoo and having to play sports with a ball that would not bounce. Human Rights First is outraged and is asking for the brutal torturers to end this depravity and grant all of the detainees a ball that bounces, a decent newsletter and the possibility to read emails containing nice messages such as ‘death to the infidels’, ‘jihad is our way’ , instead of disgusting crap such as ‘learn to love life and renounce to your ideology of death, supremacism and violence’. (Pls, note my sarcasm)

From Hitler Mouse to Mother’s Suicide Mission. New horror video incites Palestinians to commit acts of terror

Canadian Coalition for Democracies: Canada must not fund Palestinian terror through UNRWA

Fjordman: The totalitarian character of Multiculturalism

FPM: Iranian “Reform” Charades. The mullahs – Rafsanjani, Khatami,Khamenei and Ahmadinejad – are all Islamic fundamentalists

In un paese serio, con una giustizia che funziona, uno come Sofri avrebbe l’ergastolo senza sconti di pena per il crimine che ha commesso.

At the beginning, Al-Hurra was established as a tool against the spread of Islamist propaganda. But it has been taken over by the Islamists. So, today we have another arabic TV airing anti-semitism. Your taxes at work, again. Arabic-Language Channel Airs Anti-Israel Comments from Hamas, Hezbollah

From the Jawa Report: Blogger receives threats after posting story on Islamberg

Religious Apartheid alert: Saudis arrest Christian for entering Mecca

We noted a story about a Pakistani girl murdered for ‘honor’ in Manchester, UK. Today we learn that her ‘husband’ has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The Weekly Standard: The Bureaucrats’ Revenge. Claudia Rosett: Crying Wolfowitz . . while the United Nations bankrolls dictators.

Rich Lowry: Michael Moore’s Sickness

Spanish blogger Lady Vorzheva is covering the upcoming Spanish local elections and reports of absolutely disgusting attitudes of the current socialist government, which include multiple aggressions to members of the Popular Party.

Daniel Pipes: Support the secularists in Turkey

Daniel Pipes: Un momento cruciale per la Turchia

The Hollywood crowd is a bunch of morons.

A very sad news, as the well-known Pakistani secularist and anti-Islamist essayist Tashbih Sayyed has passed away..

Austin Bay: Ending Darfur’s Genocide. Washington Post: Time’s Up to Act on Darfur

I saw this yacht during a trip I made a few years ago in northern Sardinia, in a port of the Emerald Coast. Saudi and Persian Gulf Sheikhs love to spend days here in Sardinia, many even bringing in a couple of Western girls for their harem, while women in their countries are forced into submission. I fear this yatch is ready to land in the north Sardinia now that summer nears.


April 14, 2007

The enemy coming to a Congress near you.

A Canadian Green Party member praises 9/11 and says the view of it was ‘beautiful’.

La rete della Jihad:«Tre uomini-bomba da Milano all’Algeria».Quale Stato ospitava i campi-scuola del terrorismo jihadista? «L’Afghanistan». Dove sono finiti i due fratelli che, tornati dai campi afghani, vi insegnavano a fabbricare esplosivi? «In Algeria. Sono andati a combattere con quelli della montagna». In Italia chi incitava voi integralisti a partire per l’Afghanistan? «Abu Imad, l’imam di viale Jenner»

Magdi Allam: Quell’attacco in televisione dove un nemico del terrore è dipinto come kamikaze

I stand with Mario Lozano, the US soldier of Italian origin who has been betrayed by his ancestors’ country.

Tough line against terror pays: Hizbullah avoiding attacks on US . If only all the democratic nations of this world stopped paying ransons or caving in to terrorists, this report shows terror may well be defeated.

La linea dura contro il terrorismo paga. Lo dimostra un rapporto dell’ FBI, che rivela che gli Hezbollah hanno deciso di non colpire gli Usa, perchè sanno che la risposta americana sarebbe decisiva ed infliggerebbe un duro colpo all’organizzazione nazi-islamica. Questo dimostra ancora una volta che il rischio maggiore di attentati lo incorrono tutti quei paesi che pagano riscatti o cedono in qualche modo al terrorismo. Se le nazioni democratiche insieme la smettessero di coccolare i terroristi, forse a quest’ora staremmo vincendo.

In Spain, they are realizing that coddling terrorists doesn’t make a country safer. Quite the opposite. Alarm in Spain over al-Qaeda call for its “reconquest”

More human remains found at New York’s ground zero

Terrorism in Europe. Bin Laden’s Eurofighters

Italian TV Shows Hostage Execution Footage

Captain’s Quarters on Italy’s ransoms to terrorists and the current govt’s prisoner deal with the Taliban: Some Are More Precious Than Others

Algeria reverts to survival mode after attacks

On Palestinian Authority TV, far from the international community’s ears: Hamas Spokesman: Genocide of Jews remains Hamas goal

Danish Muslim convicted of inciting terrorism

Samir Khalil Samir: Islamism, a disease of the Muslim world

Samir Khalil Samir: L’islamismo malattia del mondo musulmano

Farid Ghadry: Assad’s useful idiot

Qui si sospettava già, ma ora arriva la conferma. Tuttavia, criticarla in Italia è un tabù. EMERGENCY E’ UN’ORGANIZZAZIONE FIANCHEGGIATRICE DEI TALEBANI E DI AL QAEDA

Bureau of Disinformation

More medieval statements from fatwa-issuing imams. ‘No nudity for sex’

Der Spiegel: Muslim Bloggers and Journalists Speak Out

Global Warming..: An extra-cold winter on the Alaska Peninsula


Reparten en Santa Clara documento escrito por opositora

Spanish press and political leaders speak out against the “Moratinos deal”

Song of the day: Mia Por Siempre, by Willy Chirino.

March 16, 2007

Al Qaeda thug Sheikh Mohammed admits he beheaded Daniel Pearl. In addition, he claimed responsibility for the 9/11  and Bali mass murders. But he can count on those who are still calling for shutting down GITMO, even though they don’t tell where they would like these thugs to be taken.

Opinion Journal: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s World War

Carlo Panella: Afghanistan: l’Unione vuole una Conferenza di pace con gli sgozzatori

New York Sun: Al-Jazeera’s Dirty Little Secret

Our ‘friends’ in the Persian Gulf: Persian Gulf Goliath .Dubai-based billionaire enterpreuner Khalaf Al Habtoor says “the U.S. funded he 9/11 attacks”.

SMCCDI: Iranian Teachers beaten and arrested

SMCCDI: Insegnanti iraniani picchiati ed arrestati

U.N. to focus permanently on Darfur, Iran, Cuba,China Israel. The United Nations has shown once again why it’s a totally bankrupt and failed organization, which sides with tyrants and terrorists and forgets the truly-persecuted and oppressed, such as the people of Darfur, who is dying under the daily air strikes of the genocidal Sudanese regime.

Petizione a favore della libertà di pensiero, contri i fascisti islamici. Solidarietà a Stefano Allievi, perseguitato dal fascista islamico Adel Smith.

French Jews flee persecution in France and flock to South Florida. This should be an alarming sign of a dark past we hoped it wouldn’t never occur again.

Pierre Akel: Foreign Policy, Reform and Terror in the Kingdom of Doublspeak

Petition to help free Bangladeshi rationalist and pro-Israel journalist Salah Choudhury

“Man-made Global Warming” becoming a new form of totalitarianism. Scientists threatened with death for ‘climate denial’

Kyoto’s Futile Future.The Green Left can say sayonara to its favorite treaty.

Stretching the Truth

Zimbabwean opposition chief brutally beaten

Lissette y Willy Chirino, un primer disco juntos (Check out “Music, Songs and Videos in my blogroll, to listen to some of the songs in their new album)

February 17, 2007

We just missed another big fish in Iraq: Leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq reportedly wounded

Report: Syrian Group Claims It Has Missing Israeli Soldier.Israel has never had the guts to enter Syria and rescue the soldier even by force. I doubt Mr. Olmert will have them now.

If you still have any doubt, these two polls might help convince you to choose Rudy Giuliani as GOP nomination. Or you may face 5 years of Clinton White House.

Avrete sicuramente sentito i telegiornali italiani parlare solo di Hillary Clinton. E’ stranoto che i media nostrani facciano il tifo per la cornuta moglie di Bill, con la scusa che sarebbe la prima donna presidente. Visto che di primati si tratta, perchè ad esempio i tg non dicono che anche Giuliani batterebbe un record storico? Infatti, sarebbe il prima italo-americano presidente Usa. E, stando a quasi tutti i recenti sondaggi, lui batterebbe di gran lunga sia la Clinton che gli altri candidati democratici. Per chi non lo sapesse, Giuliani è sì un uomo con le palle in politica estera (e non si farebbe influenzare dagli isterismo europei ed onusiani, come sta facendo Bush); egli è anche favorevole al diritto all’aborto, all’eutanasia,alle unioni civili ed alla ricerca sulle cellule staminali embrionali. Ecco perchè è molto amato anche dai non repubblicani. Ovviamente, ci saranno le nomination sia democratiche che repubblicane. E stando ai sondaggi tra i repubblicani, lui non avrebbe difficoltà a vincere la nomination per la corsa alla Casa Bianca. Se di record si deve parlare, i media italiani comincino a parlare anche di Giuliani. A meno che non vogliano nascondere agli italiani il fatto che ad ancora un’ anno e mezzo dal voto, Giuliani è gia in testa a quasi tutti.

Iraq-based terrorists using Austrian rifles from Iran

Nuke Boost

Magdi Allam: La lezione del tunisino che vuole eliminare i governanti. In un saggio ha scritto: «Oggi ci sono governanti lacchè dell’imperialismo e per questo bisogna ucciderli». Rached Ghannouchi, già espulso, al convegno di Napoli sui «musulmani democratici». Per chi non lo sapesse, costui è un’imam fondamentalista di Londra, che ha emesso una fatwa che invita i suoi sostenitori a cercare ed uccidere i mussulmani laici e riformisti che invocano la riforma dell’Islam e la democratizzazione delle loro società. Va detto che tra questi riformisti ci sono sia intellettuali di sinistra (come Lafif) che di destra. Non importa il colore politico. Si tratta di aiutare questi illuministi a vincere la battaglia per la laicizzazione del mondo islamico. Ringrazio Magdi per aver portato all’attenzione dei lettori italiani circa la presenza di tale personaggio quale Rachid Ghannouchi.Ho appena contattato Abu Khawla,ccordinatore della Campagna Internazionale per salvare Lafif Lakhdar dalla condanna a morte emessa proprio da tale Ghannouchi. Ho chiesto ad Abu se è possibile tradurre in inglese l’editoriale in questione e pubblicarlo su Middle East Trasparent. In seguito, verrà pubblicato sul blog dedicato a Lafif Lakhdar, dove ci si potrà rendere conto di chi è l’inquisitore islamico invitato al convegno di Napoli.

Amil Imani: PC is the Incubator of Islamism

Petition by Amil Imani: No Bombs, No Appeasement: Support the People of Iran’s Struggle for a Secular, Peaceful Democracy

While the world focuses on the nuclear issue, the Islamic Republic’s Taliban prepares to flood the Sivand Dam, part of Iran’s and Mankind’s Cultural Heritage dating back to the pre-Islamic era. The world stood idle by while Afghanistan’s Taliban destroyed the Bamyaan Buddha statues. It is standing idle by while the Islamic regime prepares to commit what it is for sure a crime against humanity. The Islamic regime is taking a major step to destroy Iran and its rich cultural heritage, while the world even allows unscrupulous people to sell and buy pieces of Iranian monuments. What is next? Will the civilized people allow the destruction of part of the mankind’s treasure? Where is the UNESCO? Below are images from a peaceful demonstrations of Iranians in Iran, protesting against the announced flooding of part of their cultural heritage.

From moroccan blogger Myrtus: Yet another Muslim nutjob cleric making the headlines….this time in Malaysia. He’s eagerly advocating to impose the use of chastity belts on women in order to protect them from sexual predators.

More children die as Dark Ages persists in the Islamic world: Polio cases jump in Pakistan as Islamists declare vaccination an American plot

A news story the global warming alarmists would not like you to read: Kathmandu gets first snowfall in 63 years

Mona Eltahawy: Arab blogs give youth venting space

And Venezuela takes a giant step toward socialist Dark Ages and bankruptcy: Chavez could nationalise supermarkets

Encouraging news from Cuba: Even some Communist Party members denounce violence against human rights activists

Jaime Leygonier: Alemania niega asilo político a opositor cubano

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Arrestan en Cuba a Observador de Derechos Humanos

Cayman sends Cuban refugees back to Castro.(Hat Tip: The Real Cuba)

February 8, 2007

Actividad del Movimiento Liberal Cubano en Homenaje al Apóstol de la independencia cubana, José Marti

February 5, 2007

One less Islamo-Fascist. More to go.

Islamic victimhood and its Western (leftist) enablers

Rudy Giuliani, Italian-American : ‘Good chance’ I’ll run in ’08

Nazi-Islamist Ahmadinejad faced brave students at Amir Kabir University in Tehran. Watch the Google Video here (a must see! Hat Tip: Firouchka at my Yahoo Group).


Washington Times // // : Kyoto hypocrisies . According to a report published on the Italian scientific review ‘Newton’, the most known planets of the Solar System, Yupiter, Mars, and Saturn, are suffering from the very same ills as the Earth. Temperatures are rising, hurricans are increasing in number. According to the report, these problems are due to the increase in the Sun’s energy on the mentioned planets (including the Earth). Thus, the man is not guilty. The Kyoto Protocol is meaningless.Read the report here (It’s in Italian, but you may try to translate it by using that nonsense named ‘Babelfish’ to get an idea of what the article writes about).

Istituto Bruno Leoni: Clima, scandalosa la propaganda sui mutamenti climatici . Capita che sul Corriere della Sera online trovo un articolo che mi sorprende l’abbiano pubblicato, e che vorrei fosse letto da chi conta, ossia da tutti quelli che invocano il protocollo di Kyoto e che annunciano apocalissi prossime il cui colpevole è l’essere umano. L’effetto serra? C’è anche su Marte. Temperature in crescita anche su Giove e Saturno, uragani e sconvolgimenti climatici: tutta colpa del Sole

Extremist soccer ‘fans’ turn Sicilia’s Catania into a guerrilla place, in and out the stadium. 1 policeman killed, 100 people injured. This is how fanatics are destroying the Italian soccer. All matches, professional and amateur, have been cancelled until further notice. The criminals are less than 18 and went to the stadium armed with every sort of weapon.Nothing will change unless the Italian political class realizes it’s high time to use force against the criminals – following the British example.

La guerra degli Ultrà al calcio italiano. Doveroso fermare i campionati. Ma finchè la nostra classe politica non si deciderà a lasciare da parte il buonismo ed usare la forza contro i terroristi del calcio, adottando il modello inglese, le cose non cambieranno e queste cose si ripeteranno quando si deciderà di riprendere il campionato. Il cordoglio del Cagliari Calcio

Carta de Héctor Maseda Gutiérrez, Prisionero de Conciencia, a su Esposa Laura Pollán, Dama de Blanco

President Bush, 2007 State of the Union Speech: We will continue to speak out for the cause of freedom in places like Cuba” . February, 2007: Cuban doctors defecting Castroite imperialist “medical missions” in Bolivia, rejected by the United States. And yet, Mexican criminals are allowed to enter the US.

Continua el asedio contra el Dr. Darsi Ferrer

Enviado por nuestro querido amigo, el periodista independiente Carlos Serpa Maceira: Denuncian Agresión Física Contra Sindicalista Independiente en Cuba

Izq. a der.: Ismael Omar Castellano, Secretario Organizador de la Central Sindical Cristiana de Cuba, y el periodista Carlos Serpa Maceira, en los instantes que entrevistaba al activista sindical sobre el incidente.

Libro “Proa a la Libertad” Impacta a Lectores en Cuba

Lectora en un  parque de la calle Marcaderes entre O’Relly y Obispo,
en el casco histórico de la Habana Vieja

Lector en la calles Virtudes y Lealtad, en el municipio Centro Habana

January 28, 2007

The Righteous Among the Nations are all those who not only say “Never Forget”, but who are committed to prevent that from becoming “Again”. Never forget: anti-semitism and anti-zionism ARE THE SAME THING.

UN approves resolution condemning Holocaust denial

Islamism strikes again in Iran. While the world focuses on the nuclear issue, the Islamic Republic’s Taliban prepares to flood the Sivand Dam, part of Iran’s and Mankind’s Cultural Heritage dating back to the pre-Islamic era. The world stood idle by while Afghanistan’s Taliban destroyed the Bamyaan Buddha statues. It is standing idle by while the Islamic regime prepares to commit what it is for sure a crime against humanity. The Islamic regime is taking a major step to destroy Iran and its rich cultural heritage, while the world even allows unscrupulous people to sell and buy pieces of Iranian monuments. What is next? Will the civilized people allow the destruction of part of the mankind’s treasure? Where is the UNESCO?

Indonesia Jihadist Admits To Beheading Christian Girls.Not even in front of a horrific beheading does the mainstream media calls the murderers with their true name. Whatever crime, they’re still “militants”..

Magdi Allam:L’imam: «Giusto picchiare le donne» .«È l’Islam che lo dice. Il Corano lo ordina». Verona, dopo la predica Amal massacrata dal marito. Lo ha denunciato: ora vive barricata in casa con i figli

Cause they don’t know what they are doing. She may be unaware, but her friends Hizballah would stone her to death for just posing like this. I guess she would regret for supporting the terror gang if they would seize power.

Yet another ‘honor’ killing in Jordan: Father kills daughter; doubted virginity

Off Topic cartoon:

Foul Weather

Human Rights First: Sudan Must Not Lead the African Union. Electing Sudan to chair the African Union would be like putting the fox in charge of the hen house

More updates on Abdelkareem Nabil, the Secularist,anti-Islamist Egyptian blogger arrested by our ‘secular’ and ‘moderate’ friends in the Mubarak gov’t , for speaking out against jihad preaching at Al-Azhar.

Russia, before and after the murder of Anna Politkovskaya

Fotos de Actividades de Las Damas de Blanco

January 19, 2007

Dhimmi Jimmy Carter at it again: “Palestinian missiles not terrorism”

Google Earth reveals anti-Israel sentiments, labels Temple Mount Palestinian

Former U.N. Oil-for-Food Chief Benon Sevan Indicted Over Bribes From Saddam’s Regime

Proof that the Islamification of Britain is not just right-wing hysteria

Sentenza vergognosa della Cassazione. Se a commettere delitti efferati è un immigrato clandestino, avrà attenuanti. Della serie: venite pure in Italia, clandestini: uccidete pure, stuprate ragazze, tanto il giudice fesso italiano a voi vi perdona. Quindi anche il signor Azzouz può anche vendicarsi ed uccidere un pò di italiani, tanto – diversamente dai coniugi assassini italiani – lui sarà perdonato. Che schifo.

The latest Saudi insanity: Saudis May Ban Letter ‘X’

Censorship in the name of “global warming”. Weather Channel Climate Expert Calls for Decertifying Global Warming Skeptics

Index of Economic Freedom: Italy ranked 60th, behind Uganda . Italy’s diseases described in a few lines. Then you’ll realize why I am moving to the U.S. within 2 years and a half. The labor market operates under restrictive employment regulations that hinder employment and productivity growth. The non-salary cost of employing a worker is very high, and dismissing a redundant employee can be costly. Rules on expanding or contracting the number of work hours are rigid. Unemployed individuals receive benefits for up to 180 days (270 days if over 50 years of age), and an average worker receives about 40 percent of his or her salary in benefits

Once again, unscrupulous people steal parts of monuments of Iran’s historical and 4000plus-year-old heritage. This has nothing to do with the Islamic republic. The parts stolen belong BY RIGHT and BY HISTORY to Iran. Pls, read the important note before the article here.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Realizan Misa en Cuba al opositor Miguel Valdés

Below, a photo showing a group of dissidents and Ladies in White, outside of the cemetery where Miguel Valdés Tamayo was buried. Near the Lady in White Laura Pollan (with the white hat) is Miguel’s wife. The man sitting is our good friend, the independent journalist Carlos Serpa Maceira, who sent us these photos.

Opositores y Damas de Blanco en la capilla central del cementerio de Colon en la Habana, tras la realización de la misa por el eterno descanso del opositor Miguel Valdés Tamayo. En la foto de izq. a der.: Las Damas de Blanco Laura Pollán Toledo; Clara Lourdes Prieto Llorente y Barbara Eliza Collazo Portilla, viuda de Miguel Valdez Tamayo; Isabel Ramos, madre del preso político Arturo Suarez Ramos, parte de la Dirección del Movimiento Liberal Cubano (MLC) encabezado por su presidente León Padrón Azcuy; la periodista independiente Maria Elena Alpizar Ariosa; Ariana Montoya Aguilar, miembro del Grupo de Apoyo a las Damas de Blanco, activista del Partido Liberal de Cuba; agachado el periodista Carlos Serpa Maceira.

Damas de Blanco Caminan por la Quinta Avenida en la Habana y Rinden Homenaje Póstumo a Miguel Valdés

First from left, Miguel (RIP)

De izquierda a derecha: Miguel Valdés Tamayo, Preso de Conciencia del grupo de los 75, fallecido en la Habana, el pasado 10 d e enero, del 2007; Margarito Broche Espinoza, del grupo de los 75 y con licencia extrapenal y Carmelo Díaz Fernández, sindicalista independiente del grupo de los 75.

De izquierda a derecha: Miguel Valdés Tamayo; Aurelio Bachiller Álvarez, Secretario general de la Confederación Obrera Nacional Independiente de Cuba (CONIC) y Carmelo Díaz Fernández, sindicalista independiente.

January 5, 2007

Al Qaeda TV .Qaeda’s increasing sophistication, and our continuing confusion

Astounding bit of sanity from the new U.N. secretary general: New U.N. Chief Defends Death Penalty for Saddam Hussein – “Saddam Hussein was responsible for committing heinous crimes and unspeakable atrocities against the Iraqi people,” Ban said in his first news conference as secretary general.

Last Vestiges

Michelle Malkin is going to Iraq, let us wish her a safe trip

Da Prodi per Prodi.Zitto zitto, il premier ha rinnovato il contratto statale a suo fratello. E ha pure partecipato al voto. E attaccava le leggi ad personam di Berlusconi…

‘Muslims should integrate into British values’. No, the opposite, according to this article published in (where else?) The Guardian.

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney eyes 2008 bid

SMCCDI: Four more executed in Iran

SMCCDI: Altre quattro esecuzioni in Iran

U.N. troops in south Sudan raping children: report

December 20, 2006

Gingrich Announces He May Run for President .Here is one of the reasons for which I am endorsing him: Gingrich: Imams should have been arrested

Daniel Pipes: Terribile rapporto di James Baker sull’Iraq

SMCCDI: Sham elections turn into another debacle 

SMCCDI: Le false elezioni iraniane boicottate dalla maggioranza della popolazione  

Salim Mansur: Throughout their history, Muslims have been the primary perpetrators and victims of their own violence 

I am really disgusted in seeing the way the mainstream media (MSM) is reporting the news. First, I read al-AP insulting the Iranian nation and millions of Iranians (no confusion with the regime, pls) by calling the historical Persian Gulf as “Arab Gulf” (the sheikhs must be jumping of joy after reading it) and then, almost all the MSM (AP, Reuters, CNN, BBC, AFP) calling Rafsanjani, the MURDERER OF THOUSANDS, INCLUDING DISSIDENTS IN EUROPE and MASTERMIND of the 1993 bombings in Argentina, as “moderate” ! But don’t be surprised, these are the very same media which refer to Bin Laden as “Saudi dissident” and refuse to call terrorists as terrorists, preferring to appease them by calling them “militants”, “rebels” and, I guess they will soon or later call them “frustrated poor people seeking revenge against the bad evil Zionists and Americans”. Not to mention the LIES the media are reporting about the so-called “elections” in Iran, claiming about a sort of “larger than expected turnout in Iran’s elections” and stupidities of this kind ( the Mullahs must be jumping of joy seeing how they are able to manipulate the foreign media). Again, don’t be surprised: AP and Reuters (to name a few) are the very same which have fabricated photos during the Lebanon war this summer (I hope you remember the Fauxtography Scandal). The televised media here are also reporting the sham elections as if they were democratic elections and seem to be happy that Rafsanjani “won” , so the European masters will do business with him, forgetting his crimes.The world is losing ethics.

Bin Laden killed.

Menghistu, il Terrore rosso fu genocidio. L’ex despota marxista, ora in esilio in Zimbabwe, sterminò i suoi oppositori e usò le carestie come arma di governo.L´Etiopia condanna l´ex dittatore: rischia la pena di morte

Weekly Standard: Meet Mugabe’s Victims

December 9, 2006

From The-World-Has-Gone-Nuts Department: Middle East peace conference without Israel . This is the ‘new course’ the European cowards want America to take. And Hamas states what we already knew, showing once again that their leaders in gov’t, including Haniyah himself, must be legitime target for assassination by the Israel Defense Forces. No mercy with terrorists and would-be exterminators.

Jeane Kirkpatrick,R.I.P .

Then & Now

Sudanese Human Rights Activist founds Sudanese-Israeli Friendship Association

Natan Sharansky to get US Presidential Medal of Freedom

Christians Flee Growing Islamic Fundamentalism in the Holy Land

Editorial: Media Shows Irrational Hysteria on Global Warming

Charles Krauthammer: That Murder in London

Bolivia Closer to Civil War

Comienzan represalias contra celebraciones , en La Habana, por el Día Internacional de los Derechos Humanos

Cuban citizens support the non-cooperation and civil desobedience campaign launched by the political prisoners and spread by the opposition. News in Spanish here.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Respaldo Popular en Cuba a la Campaña Yo No Coopero con la Dictadura

A citizen of Isla de Pinos is seen reading a leaflets of the campaign

Some are even attaching the signs of the campaign on their houses’ doors. An example below, in a house of Old Havana

October 26, 2006

 UPI shows whose side it really stands on.

One of the reasons for which I won’t regret for moving to the U.S.: Radical Islam finds US ‘sterile ground’.Home-grown terror cells are largely missing in action, a contrast to Europe’s situation

Secondo un rapporto, l’estremismo islamico attecchisce molto di meno negli Usa che in Europa. Questo perchè, negli Usa i mussulmani si integrano e vengono assimilati, e sono molto meno religiosi. In Europa, invece, si fa sempre più strada . Per fortuna che mi devo trasferire a lavorare negli Usa fra un anno e mezzo.

The terrorists’ target now is Europe. I have been saying this for quite a while. Taliban Commander: We’re Planning Attacks in Europe

Protection for Italy veil row MP. An Italian politician will be given police protection following comments she made about the Islamic veil on television.

Zapatero’s Spain looking more and more like an authocracy: Galician blogger charged for supporting Israel

La Spagna di Zapatero assomiglia sempre di più ad una dittatura. Blogger perseguito per le sue opinioni filo-israeliane.

2006 Weblog Awards: Coming Soon!

Divest from North Korea.Now is the time to bring down Kim’s regime

Gateway Pundit reminds us that this week marks the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising of 1956.

Religión en Revolución: When I was in Prison, Bob Edgar Didn’t Visit Me?

My friend Maximo José from eastern Cuba, miliant of the Cuban Liberal Movement, sent me the following message:

saludos mi amor, siempre le pido a dios que envie a ti salud belleza y todo lo bueno de este mundo porqué tu te lo mereces. Que contento me he puesto cuando te pasé este mensaje, se de ti através de Sergio y los demas hermanos muchas,gracias por preocuparte por mi.Tuve problemas en la internet entré en una pagina prohibida y me van a sancionar pero mientras tanto he resuelto en otro lugar claro los turnos son mas distantes pero puedes dejarme el mensaje pero mientras mandame mensajes con Sergio o Ricardo para saber de ti yo me pongo muy conrento mira si estas en la maguina hazmelo saber para darte una noticia. Saludos Maxímo.

Maximo denounces that his wife is desperate because their 5-year-old son is being brainwashed in the Castro’s communist schools and is aggressive with her parents and even his grandmother, because the latter lives in the U.S., a country the Cuban schoolchildren are told as being “imperialist” and “terrorist”.

De como la dictadura castro comunista crea su ideologia desde tenprana edad.saludos noticias de Maximo.

Yahima Regalado Cordero,esposa de maximo jose garcia gonzalez activista pacifico defensor de los derechos humanos miembro del movimiento opositor pacifico Movimiento Liberal Cubano (MLC) y Comision de Atencion a Presos Politicos y familiares,vecina de calle 3o9 numero 6944.46 apt 6 entre 68 y 70, rept el globo boyeros c.d La  Habana. No esta de acuerdo con la educacion ideologica que esta recibiendo su hijo de 5 anos Roberto Alejandro Diaz Regalado en su primer ano en la escuela primaria, el cual se muestra agresivo en contra de su familia inclusive con su abuela que vive en los e.u ya que en la escuelale dicen que ella vive en un pais imperialista y terrorista creandole un mal corportamiento al inocente hacia sus familiares cosa esta que no debe ser es un nino yo soy su madre y esta bajo mi abrigo.

Authorities cover up dengue deaths

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información sobre el I Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes: Miguel Santana Breto de la Alianza Democrática Oriental, le comunicó a la Asamblea que el lunes 18 de Octubre de 2006, a las 8:30 de la mañana, le hicieron un registro en la casa a Eliécer Consuegra Rivas, calle Celia Sánchez Manduley, No. 33, Antilla, Holguín, y le ocuparon todos los libros de la Biblioteca Independiente Wenceslao Aguilera.

Feminine Movement celebrates vigil in solidarity with Cuban political prisoners

October 19, 2006

From The-World-Has-Gone-Nuts Dep.t: Terror-enabling Islamists to make case for violence at Dublin’s Trinity college.

Honest Reporting: A Reuters cameraman takes part in rock-throwing attacks against Israeli security forces

Britain’s Surrender to Radical Islam.Ripping away the veil over the failure of policy-makers.

Magdi Allam: In Italia è meglio difendere il diritto a non indossarlo

From Gateway Pundit: 92 Year Old Turkish Woman Faces Charges for Veil Statements

Una donna turca di 92 anni è sotto processo nel suo paese per aver espresso la sua opinione sullo straccio che opprime le donne mussulmane.

It should be cristal clear to Europe (and the State Dep.t) what the Mullahs would do with the nuclear bomb: Ahmadinejad: “Israel cannot survive” . And it should be abundantly clear to all of them that the Shia Mullahs finance Sunni Hamas: Islamic Republic Paid Hamas Not to Free Abducted Israeli Soldier

Marze Por Gohar, Iranian opposition website: Hezbollah newspaper credits Ahmadinejad with hostage taking

Scott Ritter is a lunatic person whose opposition to democratic regime change in Iran (by the Iranian people, but with the crucial moral and economic support of the U.S.) makes him the enemy of the Iranian people.

Tunisia moves against headscarves. (h/t: Myrtus) . Two Tunisian women express different viewpoints on this. Leyla in the US says she disagrees. Massir in Tunisia says she is against hijab and supports the ban. Massir has posted her thoughts on it and I can manage to understand what she wrote in French : Je suis contre le port du voile

Hundreds Mourn Myanmar Activist Thet Win Aung.Nearly 300 friends and sympathizers attended the funeral of a 34-year-old pro-democracy activist who had been imprisoned by the military junta and died this week in jail, a colleague said Wednesday

FERMIAMO IL GENOCIDIO DEL POPOLO TIBETANO!. Manifestazione di fronte al consolato cinese di Milano.

Judge: Ethiopian forces killed 193 unarmed protesters. ‘Old men killed in their homes, children attacked in gardens’

Independent press bureau ratifies commitment with liberty and democracy for the Cuban people

En Cuba, Madre e hija mueren por epidemia de Dengue

Biblioteca Independiente “Ronald Reagan” realiza actividad para niños

Denuncian Represión Contra Bibliotecario Independiente en Isla de Pinos

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Ratifican en Cuba Apoyo a Proclama del Movimiento Sindical Independiente

Young activists in Cuba participate in video conference call with Miami-based Cuban Democratic Directorate

The first Congress of the Independent Libraries organized by the Assembly to Promote Civil Society is underway across Cuba, and despite the brutal repression the librarians are facing. The Assembly to Promote the Civil Society is civil society coalition of 365 Cuban opposition movements that fight peacefully for democratic and regime change in the island. From Octuber 10, 2006, to February 2007, a meeting of the 152 independent libraries is taking place in numerous Cuban towns and cities. They are informing the population about the goals of the civil desobedience and non-cooperation campaigns named “Yo no coopero, yo si quiero el cambio” (I don’t cooperate with the repressive authorities, I want the change). The official motto is “We are gathering for democracy”. Banned books, reviews, leaflets are being distribuited to the neighbors of the libraries where the meetings are taking place and to the population at large. There will be special events with youths and children, too.

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello from Havana sent us these first photos showing the librarians and libraries gathered in Congress for Democracy.

Below is the “Elena Mederos” independent library.


Miguel Vazquez Tamayo was shortly detained two times last week, but he has no intention to be intimidated.

Watching one of the many banned videos

My Publius Pundit post on the issue is here.

October 3, 2006

Pope Rage on board of a plane: Hijacked Turkish plane lands in Italy .Turkish Airlines plane carrying more than 100 passengers hijacked Tuesday to protest planned visit of the pope to Turkey next month. More updates say they were not inspired by Pope-Rage.Who should we believe to?

New Website Incites Electronic Jihad.The question now is: will the anti-terrorism authorities act to shut down these terror websites?

UK’s very big problem: Jailed terrorists allowed to buy jihad books

In Gran Bretagna, i terroristi in prigione potranno liberamente comprarsi i libri inneggianti alla jihad. Io non ho mai creduto che gli inglesi vogliano davvero combattere il terrorismo. Anzi, sono convinta del contrario.

Islamists seethe over comments by Merkel aide. These are the ‘outrageous’ comments: “It is certainly painful for many Muslims to witness their religion being exploited for violence” . “The problem of religiously-motivated violence today is almost exclusively a problem of Islam”

The New Face of Canada .With Stephen Harper at the helm, Canada defends Israel and supports the War on Terror.

From Moroccan blogger Myrtus: Dutch Apartheid continues to get out of hand

Pope opts for meeting with terrorists and murderers. Pope to meet Khatami

Da Il Giulivo:

Good news: Herald publisher will resign. The three fired journalists to return

A group of Cubans who landed on pilings along a nearly 3-mile span of the former bridge on Jan. 4 when their boat reached an abandoned bridge in the Florida Keys, are seen walking toward the Refugee Office of the U.S. Interests mission in Havana, Cuba, Monday, Oct. 2, 2006. A federal judge ruled that the U.S. government acted unreasonably when it sent home 15 Cubans who thought they had safely made it to the United States. U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno ordered the federal officials to ‘use their best efforts’ to help the immigrants return to the United States but they are still awaiting permission from the Cuban regime  to leave the country.

September 29, 2006

New Al Zahawiri tape takes aim – among the others – at President Bush and you’ll notice the similarities of his views with Democrats on this.

Pressure on Berlin theatre to reinstate opera

Translation of the op-ed that prompted death threats against a French phylosophy teacher.

Traduzione dell’editoriale scritto da un professore di filosofia francese che gli è costato varie minacce di morte, per cui ora è costretto a girare con la scorta.

Pentagon: Suicide bombers follow Quran

Il Pentagono conferma quello che diciamo da sempre: i terroristi seguono quello che gli prescrive il Corano stesso. Leggere il corano (e gli hadith) per verificarlo anche voi.

Somali Taliban open fire on anti-Islamist protestors in rebel city.

E’ “RIGOGLIOSO” IL MERCATO DI ORGANI PRELEVATI DAI DETENUTI CINESI.Un corrispondente della Bbc ha visitato sotto copertura un ospedale di Tianjin, che gli ha assicurato un fegato nuovo in tre settimane per poco meno di 95mila dollari. Il primario di chirurgia conferma che il “donatore” è uno dei tanti condannati a morte nel Paese: questi forniscono i loro organi “come dono alla società”.

Dutch political parties scrap candidates who deny WWI massacre of Armenians was genocide

Il Foglio: Troppo zelo, cara Bonino – Dalla Cina alla Bielorussia, il ministro primo della classe asseconda il Prof.

Excellent news: House Approves Iran Freedom Support Act

SMCCDI: Family members executed in Iran

Good news for democracy in the former Soviet Union: Russia rejects Putin power extension

Pro-Chavez Venezuelan newspaper publishes openly anti-semitic article.

The Korea Liberator  testifies before the House International Relations Committe

Boy slave ‘crucified’ by Sudanese Muslim. Now a youth, he tells Voice of the Martyrs he’s forgiven attacker

Wall Street Journal: The Musharraf Exception – We can’t afford not to push Pakistan back toward democracy

Sacerdote Ricardo Santiago Medina Salabarría rechaza despidos en el Nuevo Herald

There seems to be someone still sane at the U.N. : U.N. Official Criticizes Cuba’s Human Rights Record

Sobre Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes de la Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil en Cuba

Interviene Osvaldo Alfonso Valdés en Plenario del Consejo de Derechos Humanos de la ONU

Aini Martín Valero: Situation of prisoners of conscience in Cuban prisons awaiting due process for more than a year

From left to right prisoner of conscience  Emilio Leyva Perez, Francisco Moure Saladrigas,  Miguel López Santos and creator of the “Cross of the Opposition”,  independent journalist Aini Martin Valero, and  Julio Cesar López Rodríguez.

September 24, 2006

Boston Herald: Does AP stand for Al-Qaeda Propaganda?

Australian treasurer: Muslim nations should separate church and state

British insanity hits bottom: Police to brief Muslims before terror raids. And one in ten brisith muslims say they wouldn’t inform the police if they knew of an impending terror attack.

Ormai l’Inghilterra è sempre fuori di testa. Ora la polizia chiederà il permesso alla comunità islamica prima di compiere un’operazione anti-terrorismo. Comunità islamica che, stando ad un nuovo sondaggio, dice di non avere intenzione di informare la polizia qualora sapesse di qualche imminente attentato.

Anti-Syrian Lebanese Christian leader dismisses Hezbollah ‘victory’ claim

Churches attacked in Gaza, W. Bank

EU Commission President disappointed at lack of EU support for Pope

Informazione Corretta: Il Papa secondo Tariq Ramadan.REPUBBLICA di oggi, 23/09/2006, a pag.16, pubblica una intervista di Riccardo Staglianò con Tariq Ramadan, argomento Papa Benedetto XVI. Ramadan è un intellettuale musulmano, colto, vive in Svizzera, conosce bene come ci si comporta in Europa se si vuole essere ascoltati. Per questo è molto più pericoloso di un Nasrallah qualunque. Non a caso gli USA gli hanno vietato il visto di ingresso. Da noi ha (quasi) tutti i media a disposizione. Nell’intervista che segue esce un ritratto del Papa come piace a Ramadan (e a REPUBBLICA), per fortuna diverso dal Papa di Ratisbona.

You do not need to go to the circus in order to see the clowns. Bush will kill me: Chavez

SMCCDI:Academic year starts in Iran under increased repression

SMCCDI:Inizia il nuovo anno scolastico in Iran sotto un clima di repressione

Bombs rain down on Darfur villages. It’s all about forced Arabization. The Arab-Islamist militias rape women and then say: “Now you’re pregnant of an arab”. The bombers used to destroy the villages and kill people are Russian-built.

In Darfur prosegue il massacro.Aerei dell’esercito e miliziani arabi ha nuovamente saccheggiato villaggi nel nord della regione sudanese

José María Aznar : No oigo a ningún musulmán que pida perdón por conquistar España y estar allí ocho siglos

September 23, 2006

For what it is worth: Bin Laden might have gone to meet Satan.But maybe he hasn’t yet: Report of bin Laden death unconfirmed: France, Pakistan, US

And another big fish has been captured in Iraq

Islamists all over the world everyday show us the Pope was right.Pakistani Muslim cleric says Pope should be crucified

Religione di pace e tolleranza. Imam pachistano dice che il Papa dovrebbe essere crocifisso.

José Maria Aznar: Aznar, ‘Muslims have never apologised for Spanish invasion’

Claudia Rosett : About That Mercedes? Kofi takes us all for a ride

Syrian puppet Lebanese “president” Emile Lahoud exhibits fake Green Helmet Guy photo during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly,taking advantage of the fact that most of the audience ignores the truth behind that photo.

U.N.’s “peacekeeping” mission in Lebanon in photos:

Brussels Journal: Is Islam Dying? Europe Certainly Is

From the Iraqi Bloggers Central: Remembering Oriana Fallaci – The Largest Tribute In The Blogosphere

The Islamic world adds another crime to the very long list of crimes committed against Christians sooner or later they will have to apologize for. Three Indonesian Catholics executed by firing squad

L’Islam ha fucilato 3 cristiani. Fucilati i tre cattolici indonesiani

Fareeda’s fate: rape, prison and 25 lashes.Up to 80 per cent of women in Pakistan’s jails are charged under rules that penalise rape victims. But hardliners have vetoed an end to the Islamic laws

UK: Six Year Old Girl Burned To Death For Muslim “Honor”


Appello di Italian Blogs for Darfur (di cui faccio parte) pubblicato su La Stampa

The UN Slams the Door on Taiwan.Red China prevents its democratic, capitalist neighbor from rejoining the world body – for the 14th straight year.

The Unholy Alliance: Hezbollah adopts Chavez as hero

El Diablo

Carlos Alberto Montaner: The Miami Herald thinks it’s corrupt to undermine Castro’s censorship

Ramon Humberto Colas: Hitler y Castro

Cuban independent journalist and member of the Independent Movement for an Alternative Option, Oscar Sánchez Mádam, sent a letter to the popular Cuban-American salsa singer Willy Chirino.In the letter, Oscar tells Willy that  when he was detained last week, he was confiscated, by the political police, some CD of Willy’s music, that were called “subversive” and “enemy propaganda” by the Castroite authorities.Oscar calls on Willy to help him spread the word.

Oscar Sánchez Mádam

Willy Chirino, and his wife, the Cuban-born baladist singer Lissette

Denuncia Berta Soler Hostigamiento a Su Esposo Ángel Moya

Testimony of prisoner of conscience, Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet, from the Prison of Combinado del Este in Havana, Cuba: “THE CUBAN GOVERNMENT HAS TORTURED ME DURING EIGHT YEARS…TRYING TO DRIVE ME INSANE…”

From Glamour Magazine: The women who dare defy a dictator – In Cuba, people have gone to prison for speaking out. Mariane Pearl travels there and finds that the country’s boldest activists are women—and they make their point without saying a word.