Dhaka Dilemma

January 13, 2008

Maneeza Hossain for the Weekly Standard: One year after the the implementation of military rule in Bangladesh

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Winds of Change in Seoul

December 22, 2007

The election of the new South Korean president might mark the end of appeasement toward the terrorist Stalinist regime in Pyongyang. All signals are so far encouraging.

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Stop The Islamization of Europe Rally Defies Brussels Ban

September 11, 2007

As I wrote in my Human Events op-ed column, the Stop the Islamization of Europe rally was officially banned by Brussels’ socialist mayor. However, in sign of defience, they held the rally anyway, but – as predicted – Belgian police arrested several demonstrators.They were all released, but this provides more evidence of the totalitarian attitude of European leaders when faced with criticism of their appeasement policies toward Radical Islam. While SIOE rally was banned, the Arab-European League (financed by Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood) and Jew and America hating Extreme Leftist conspiracy nuts, had their rallies ALLOWED. Also, as usual, the European media (regardless of their political tendency) have once again forgotten their duty of informing in an unbiased and fair manner and are labeling SIOE protesters as”far-right”. This is far from being true. While there may have been some extreme right-wing xenophobic intruders, the SIOE committee is formed by people from the center, the democratic right and left. Indeed, most of them are not even interested in politics. Most are ordinary citizens well aware of the threat their continent faces nowadays. To the European leaders and media, the SIOE is “far-right”, while Arab-European League and Leftist Extremists are just peaceful demonstrators calling peacefully for the peaceful Islamization and subjugation of infidels, and peacefully blaming the biggest tragedy of this century on American and Jews. Protesting radical Islam is “far-right”; anti-semitism and Islamism is “legitimate free speech”. This is how morally-blind European rulers have become.

Here are photos from today’s unauthorized rally, where demonstrators defied Belgian authorities in order to protect their right to free speech.

Demonstrators wear mock-Muslim scarves and tee-shirts reading “Stop Islamisation”

And here’s how Belgian Gestapo deals with those who refuse to surrender.

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Sharia in Canada

September 10, 2007

The Canadian Coalition for Democracies applauds PM, raises concerns about government enforcement of sharia practices

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Multiculturalism vs. Democracy

August 9, 2007

Naresh Raghubeer at National Post (Canada): How ethno-politics poisons democracy

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Norwegians Fed Up with Their Fiscal System

July 20, 2007

I guess the Italians would say quite the same if they asked about their fiscal system. Politicians keep claiming that taxes are high because they need to ‘fight evasion’, while the truth is another: they raise them in order to finance a failed welfare state.

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July 1, 2007

Ten years ago, Hong Kong was handed over to communist China. No popular referendum was held and apparently a significant majority there would be ready to rise up against any attempt at crusing dissent or basic freedoms. Hong Kong democrats worry judicial independence won’t last . Like every year, thousands marched demanding that democracy be preserved. Will it? Time will say, but I do not trust the Chinese communists, nor their lackeys in power in Hong Kong. 

“Universal Suffrage — Hong Kong Has Me”