Here is short videoclip of the woman below. From what I was told, police caught the girl along with her mother for not wearing the mandatory veil.

This Iranian woman was savagely beaten by Dark Ages misogynists of the Islamic Fascist Republic’s ‘security agents’, also known as ‘Bassiji’. This is but one of the many women that, for refusing to comply with the Islamic rules, is attacked in this way.

And here’s a videoclip of another woman being beaten and arrested, after taking off her mandatory veil.


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  2. Have linked this in my site. It’s disgusting what they have done. 😦
    Take care.

  3. talage says:

    Disgusting cowards… makes me so angry! 😦

  4. no2liberals says:

    The basiji don’t have the numbers, the people do.
    Either they use their numbers, and overwhelm the fascists, or they live on their knees. I know what I would chose.
    It’s funny how some are so easily intimidated by a black balaclava. I have one, and wore it one sub-freezing day, to keep my face warm. I walked into a room filled with people I know, and they all stood and stared, like deer in the headlights. I took it off, and there was a collective sigh of relief.
    Don’t fear the balaclava, fear a life of oppression, and unfulfilled dreams.

  5. Martino says:

    And what the shameful UN Human rights commission is doing? Blaming israel of course.

  6. lisistrata says:

    Ho trovato il filmato dove la seviziano

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  10. Prince Shahnawaz says:

    I think, It all does happaned in middle east countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and etc….Because of the media. The most number of execution in Iran is such as disaster in all over the world. But Most young generation are being corrupted in Iran. so The Irani gov. had to adopt these strict rules to fight against crime.

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