A female Bassiji is rebuking a brave Iranian woman who removed her headscarf on a street of Tehran. This picture should prove to you that Iranian women are as much liberal and modern as the women in any Western nation. Wait until the Mullahs’ regime falls, you will be seeing amazing scenes on the streets of Iranian cities. If it’s true the saying according to which a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one is. And keep in mind that she’s not the only woman who tries to defy the Islamists by taking out the veil. There have been more, and I will post the pics as soon as I retrieve them.

And below are more photos of the ongoing crackdown on the ‘un-Islamically dressed’ women. The Bassiji militias (including black cows) stop the women and young girls and force them to adjust their mandatory veils in order not to show their hair.

A woman tries to defend herself from the black cow.

The Iranian women are generally very beautiful and attractive


Some are imposed fines while others, like the below ones, are taken to Islamic courts…

Female tourists from foreign countries may be fined, too. Posted also at Publius Pundit.

Here’s what millions of Iranian women will do with the veil when Iran gets rid of the Islamic theocracy


  1. Alex says:


    Please consider writing news pieces or an op-ed for Jewrusalem: Israeli Uncensored News. We strive to present different views and opinions while rejecting political correctness. Ideally, we try to make the news “smart and funny.” Thus, your input is very welcome.


  2. SSD says:

    Thanks for the great comment on the publuis Pundit blogspot. Good blog you here. And yes Iranian women are very beutiful 🙂

    Btw, Have you noticed it’s almost always the older and / or less attractive that enforce dress standards for the better looking? 😛

  3. (One Of) The Best Political Blogs Around

    Speaking of a really provocative free thought, see the early 21st Century capitalist Free Thoughts blog’s coverage of Iranian women’s efforts to throw off repressive dress codes imposed by the Islamic Republic of Iran

  4. Jeha says:

    We don’t call them “black cows”… We refer to them as “Ninjas”, and the mullahs they follow as “mushrooms”…

  5. freethoughts says:

    Akex, thanks for the offer.

    SSD: yes, it’s almost always them..

    Jeha, cows or nijas, who cares?

  6. […] Here are more photos on the fashion crackdown. […]

  7. Jeha says:


    Cows are useful ruminants, and would feel insulted to being compared to such backward holdovers from the dark ages. Those “ninjas” represent attitudes that are far more dangerous to modern human civilization, and far more widespread among other religions… The black “ninja” outfit makes more conspicuous.

  8. Jeha says:


    I meant “TOO far widespread among ALL religion”… 🙂

  9. no2liberals says:

    As a son that loved his mother(God Rest Her), has two daughters, and had many other important women in his life, that helped educate me, cared for me when I was ill or injured, cooked wonderful foods for me with love and friendship, I can never understand how any man, or ‘ninjaa’, could treat a woman so badly.
    As a freedom loving person, I can not understand a nation of so many, led by such a small number of despots, can allow this to continue.
    I’m angered and outraged by the treatment of the women of Iran, they do not deserve this treatment.
    I showed the video of the woman being put in the police car, while screaming, to a friend whose father was a General in the Shah’s Army, and fled after the revolution. He was hounded by the Pasdaran agents here in the U.S. for many years. He showed the video and story to his parents, and his mother, a very fine Persian lady, just looked at me while shaking her head. She cannot believe a typical American male would be so concerned with the pain and suffering of Iran, and it’s women.
    But I am.

  10. Excellent post and commentary. I linked you.

  11. freethoughts says:

    no2liberals: bless your heart.

    Urban Infidel: thanks.

  12. serendip says:

    This is what one of the jihadists wrote in a comment section of one the most anti-semitic and anti-American blogs by a Lebanese professor at USC. It’s revealing of the mindset of those who rule Iran and work as agents for it:

    In response to the post above, the passing of these laws to prevent Iranian men from embracing the gay/metrosexual culture IS apart of setting priorities straight. You see, a population obsessed with its hair and eyebrows is not ready to fight invaders in case they should come (but I highly doubt there will be attacks on Iran, thats a separate issue). These crackdowns are getting rid of the distrations. Iranian men must be ready to be militarized and fight for their nation in case of an attack. If they are all pretty boys obsessed with partying and being GQ, they will ceraintly not be ready for bloodshed. To Asad I dont know why you posted this article, are you implying sarcastically that the Iranian gvt doesn’t have its priorities straight or has the wrong focus? If you are a) this is an Islamic Republic, whether you like it or not, so this law is consistent with the philosophy of the state. b) The gvt is promoting manliness amongs its men, thats one of the reasons Iran has not been humiliated by its neighbors since 1979. c) You always criticize the Lebanese for being self-hating and trying to look as Western as possible and getting plastic surgeries…now that Iran is trying to combat such phenomenon you are against it? I hate to break it to you, but these things have to be enforced, you cant just complain on a blog and expect people to change their ways.

  13. serendip says:

    I forget the link to this anti-american blog:

  14. serendip says:

    Ahmadinjead appearing on TV during his Presidential election campaign before he was elected, clearly stating in a television interview : “Has our nation’s problems really come down to what women wear and they wear their hairs? has it really…aren’t there more important issues like economic issues?…”.

    Now if you followed the news of the massive crackdown on women’s appearance and dress code, you will know what a despicable liar he is.
    Labels: Ahmadinejad

    Watch the video:

  15. freethoughts says:

    Serendip, Ahmadinejad (as well as all the other “presidents” since the 1979 Islamist coup) was selected by the “Supreme Leader”. “Elections” were a farce and the majority of Iranians didn’t vote to legitimize the Islamic Republic.

    Also, regarding that “Angry Arab”, well, thanks for letting me know, so that I can expose him publicly here in my blog , given his misogynist assertions.

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  17. […] are told without question. Far from it. There are some photos of defiant and brave Iranian women here.Share This Opinions? : Add your view now! | In: Anorak Twitterings | By: Anorak | Most Popular […]

  18. abu ameerah says:

    Well…i hope you dicks and dickettes (if i may use the term) do a better job of completely F***ING over Iran — the way you did Iraq.

  19. Joe says:

    To Abu Ameerah,

    Iran will “screw” itself without any help from America. I’ll say prayers for the people of Iran who bravely espouse personal freedom above the strongarming of the state. The dictatorial mullahs and their “black cow” bassiji lackeys, will never be able to squash a person’s inner spirit. The people will only take so much contempt. Remember the Shah… the people will rise again and bury the theocracy forever.

  20. […] Women with hair showing – Women with blond hair showing – Women with blond hair showing who talk back – Women who talk back – […]

  21. propaganda says:

    This is clearly propaganda by USA and its ally Israel to completely destabalise Iran why?
    >For Oil.
    >For spreading the christian religion.
    >To make it safe for Israel.

    Look what you have done to Iraq,nobody gives a s**t about your propaganda.

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