Here are more photos of the crackdown on the women (and men) wearing “immoral dresses”.

The police, Bassiji/Hezbollah militia, are the very same ‘people’ who burn Israeli and US flags, pelt Western embassies, shout “Death to Israel, America”, call for the execution of hostages, etc. And are called “students” by the ignorant MSM. By seeing this third series of photos, you may have realized who these “students” really are.

Also posted at Publius Pundit, with more photos

Sarcastic smile

Blogger Serendip reported a comment by an Islamist who defends the crackdown on both women and men who ‘act against Islam’. And the madman-in-chief Antarinejad claimed, in an interview with a veiled Spanish journalist, that “in Iran, women right’s are more respected than men’s”  😆


  1. […] go here, look at the pictures & tell me why we should wave the white flag. This entry was posted on […]

  2. serendip says:

    Great post Check out this Palestinians woman’s blog who is praising shirin Saedi, one of the mullahs’ regime apologists:

  3. jamal says:

    and how do this terrible police acts compare to say.. murders by the IDF?

  4. Mullah Cimoc says:

    mullah cimoc say iranian woman them so hot. them look the good. for this must protect the public or the men go insane for the hot babe.

    is little cruel but for the grand child and the happy family it making best for woman be the modest espcially when them the so hot persian babe.

  5. freethoughts says:

    Mullah Cimoc, or Mullah Comic: Let me say that we in the blogosphere know you well: you go around in the blogs to write nonsense. At least, learn English.

    Jamal: by seeing your blog, I could realize that you are a Ahmadinejad’s supporter, are for a “world without zionism”, that is a world without Israel. So, you don’t deserve any answer.

  6. Mr says:


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