Castro is dying. This time is true!

* This will be updated*

Great News: Dying Fidel Castro, steps down ‘temporarily’

El tirano se està muriendo.

Hundreds of phone calls between Cubans in the island and those in Miami! (Spanish)

Crollano le linee telefoniche tra Cuba e Miami. Migliaia sono i cubani che stanno telefonando tra Cuba e Miami. I cubani nell’isola stanno aspettando di sapere come vanno a finire le cose, prima di scendere in piazza. Capite, il terrore di 47 anni di dittatura militare è ancora presente, anche se col tempo la gente ha perso la paura.

Statements by the exiled Cuban Patriotic Junta and the Democratic Directorate. (First in Spanish, second in English)

Comunicados de la Junta Patriotica Cubana y del Directorio Democratico Cubano

I’m in touch with several Cuban freedom fighters in Cuba. Will let you know what they’ll tell me. The regime now fears civil unrest!! That’s why, according to credible sources in Cuba, there’s a massive presence of police in many Cuban towns.  Read Somos Cubanos (in Spanish)

Leer Somos Cubanos para màs noticias y comunicados


5 Responses to Castro is dying. This time is true!

  1. Alex says:

    Is a good day for cuba…. Viva Cuba Libre!!!!!!!

  2. […] people, too afraid to celebrate just yet. It’s really good. A.M. Mora y Leon @ 10:32 am | Comments (0) Filedunder: […]

  3. if only bush would die

  4. freethoughts says:

    I’m sorry for you, cashadvance(a spammer?) : it’s your buddy who’s dying 😉

  5. BilbaoPundit says:

    Cuba: transición o revolución…

    Si comparamos la agonía bien administrada por los medios gubernamentales que se vive ahora mismo en Cuba, en prevención del colapso político y del caos social, con la "transición" española a la "democracia", encontramos,…

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